Back After a Long Hiatus: Updates and New Focus

Back After a Long Hiatus: Updates and New Focus
Strategizing, over lunch!

Hey everyone! It's JD!

It's been over two years since I last posted on this blog, and I want to apologize for the long absence. There have been several reasons for this, including completing some bigger projects and starting up several new businesses together with my wife, Gio. I've also been trying to spend more time with my family and take care of my own mental health.

Looking at the current global situation, I must admit that I've been lacking the motivation to write any blog content. The volatility of the financial markets, resulting inflation, lack of recession and ongoing conflicts and wars have all been weighing on my mind. And of course, last year we welcomed a new baby boy into our family, which has been a joy but also a lot of work.

Me and Zac

Going forward, the focus of this blog will be on designing and operating Proxmox VE clusters, using EVE-NG, Linux, working with docker, running pfSense, RouterOS, VyOS as well as JUNOS in production networks. I plan to share my experiences and insights on operational topics, and hopefully provide some useful information for others who are interested in these areas.

Can't remember me? The about page as well as my LinkedIn profile may jog your memory!

You are likely to hear from me 2-3 times a week, so if you are not interested in any of the aforementioned topics, feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings! :-)