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[VyOS] Project April 2023 update

VyOS 1.4 is on the way to becoming the new LTS release. There is no set date for its freeze yet but we expect to do it within this year. We are incredibly proud that our rolling release is already almost free of legacy code.
[VyOS] Project April 2023 update
Photo by Alina Grubnyak / Unsplash
VyOS project April 2023 update
Babel routing protocol added and many other improvements.

Overview of improvements made to v1.4 SAGITTA (next LTS release):

  • Support for the Babel routing protocol was added. See documentation for details on how to set it up.
  • FRR version was upgraded to v8.5. See below for the new BGP options this update brings.
  • The containerization module podman now uses the netavark network stack. Benefits include better IPv6 support, improved performance and improved support for containers attached to multiple networks. Although `netavark' doesn't natively support VRF, container networks can be assigned to VRF networks on VyOS.
  • VyOS now uses chrony rather than the old NTPd for its NTP implementation, which allows for machine-readable NTP op mode output and more future improvements.