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RouterOS 7.9 [Stable] released!

RouterOS 7.9 improves performance and stability with enhanced BGP VPN selection, new console features, expanded IPv6 functionality, OVPN configuration import/export, better Wifiwave2 performance, and bug fixes.
RouterOS 7.9 [Stable] released!

Here are the highlights of the RouterOS version 7.9 changelog:

  1. Improved BGP VPN selection and stability.
  2. Added warning logs for certain bridge configurations with unsupported hardware limits.
  3. Fixed various issues in console, bridge, certificate, and filesystem.
  4. Introduced new features in console, including "/task" submenu and file creation command.
  5. Improved container support, including OCI manifest format and "container shell".
  6. Added CAPs mode script for wifiwave2 devices and improved DetNet interface state detection.
  7. Changed default lease time for newly created DHCP servers to 30 minutes.
  8. Fixed and improved several Ethernet, SFP, and LTE functionalities.
  9. Added "connection-nat-state" to IPv6 mangle and filter rules and updated Health monitoring for CRS3xx, CRS5xx, CCR2xxx devices.
  10. Improved IPsec and IPv6 functionalities, including SLAAC IPv6 address parameters.
  11. Added support for OVPN server configuration export and client configuration import from .ovpn files.
  12. Enhanced route, routerboot, and switch functionalities.
  13. Updated timezone information and improved VRRP and VXLAN functionalities.
  14. Fixed and added features in Webfig and Winbox, including new properties and improved stability.
  15. Improved Wifiwave2 performance, regulatory compliance, and added new configuration options.
  16. Allowed unsecure HTTP access to REST API and upgraded ZeroTier to version 1.10.3.

Download RouterOS 7.9 (STABLE) from here.