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[VyOS] Project July 2023 Update

In June, there was a lot of work done on VyOS. Why is this update so short, then? One reason is that VyOS 1.4 is now on the way to becoming the new LTS release, and there's a lot of work on smoke tests and refactoring that is required to stabilize it.
[VyOS] Project July 2023 Update
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Phabricator highlights for VyOS 1.4 Sagitta (next LTS version):

  • TACACS+ authentication support (T141)
  • Configuration synchronization between VyOS routers (T775)
  • VPP is set to replace XDP (T1797, T5286)
VyOS Project July 2023 Update
Initial implementations of TACACS+, config sync, and VPP data plane, among other things, in the 1.4 rolling release. #vyos #project #update