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[Jeff Geerling] They said Pi clusters were CRAZY! (Mars 400)

Jeff highlights the Mars 400 storage appliance's setup as a ceph cluster, its enhanced performance with a 10G Ethernet connection, and its notable energy efficiency, using only 5 watts when off and idling at 70 watts.
[Jeff Geerling] They said Pi clusters were CRAZY! (Mars 400)

In a YouTube video, Jeff shares his experience with three key aspects of the Mars 400 storage appliance by Ambedded. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Setup and Performance Testing: Jeff dives into the setup of the Mars 400 within a Raspberry Pi cluster, highlighting the process of configuring and testing the storage system. He particularly emphasizes the impressive performance, with the system achieving an average speed of 114 MB/s (1G line rate) in fio benchmark tests.
  2. Enhanced Connectivity and Results: Seeking to boost performance, Jeff connects the Mars 400 to a 10G Ethernet cable linked to his 10G Ethernet server. This results in a significant performance improvement, with the Mars 400 achieving an IOPS score of 700 for 4K random writes and nearly 200 MB/s for 4GB random reads.
  3. Energy Efficiency: An outstanding feature Jeff notes is the Mars 400's energy efficiency. The appliance shows minimal power consumption, using just about 5 watts when powered off, idling at around 70 watts and peaking at 145 watts under load, making it extremely energy-efficient.

Hop over to YouTube and watch the video! 😉