Hello from the sunny Philippines! I'm JD. Over the past two decades, I've immersed myself in the realms of sysadmin, networking, and IT consulting. I've established several successful businesses here, extending both technical assistance and strategic consulting to companies across our archipelago – from the bustling hubs of Cebu and Manila to the tranquil beauty of Negros Island.

I take immense pride in crafting top-tier networks and systems, predominantly for ISPs and enterprises across various industries. My approach is holistic: blending hands-on technical work with personalized consulting to ensure my clients always receive the best solutions. Intrigued? Let's connect!

With nearly two decades in technical operations and systems engineering, I've worn multiple hats, from practitioner to mentor. My journey led me to found Immerse Networks Limited in 2016, a Hong Kong venture that's driven by "Attitude. Drive. Loyalty." We offer custom-tailored consulting, support, and training to a diverse, global clientele.

Recognizing the specific needs closer to home, I established ProNetivity Inc. in 2023. Based in the Philippines, our rallying cry is "Building Better Networks, Together." Our mission is laser-focused: empower local ISPs and cable operators by upgrading systems, refining operations, and offering top-tier training.

If you're inspired by a mix of attitude, drive, and loyalty and share the vision of bridging the digital divide, I'd love to collaborate. Also check out my LinkedIn profile.

Deployment at Equinix 1, Hong Kong, 2019 w/ JP
UTBOX: Staging of Virtual System Cluster in Sydney, Australia, 2019
The NOC team of #RISE at PHNOG Cebu, 2019. Since 2017, I have had the privilege of working with RISE and GetaFIX, and I continue to serve as a senior engineer. My main role involves designing and expanding systems capabilities, which I find both challenging and rewarding.
Spending time at RISE HQ in Cebu, with the only Dodo Manubo (Cliff R. Perez), a former student of mine, turned NOC engineer.
Since 2021, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Jose Luis Dabao and his team, designing and implementing the new core of KCAT's network in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. I'm proud to say that KCAT has remained a valued customer ever since, and I continue to support them frequently as they expand their network.
Sites at Scale launched WrkPod in February 2022, with Atty. Jong Benedian.
Collaborating on deployments with John Rideout, a former student and close friend, is always a great experience. He holds the position of Senior IT Support Specialist and is on his path to becoming a Network Engineer.
At the 2016 MikroTik User Meeting in Manila, I joined respected industry peers, including my bud, H-Man, on the far left. We've had an absolute blast!
These committed students successfully completed their volunteer stints at the IT Operations department of Foundation University, focusing on their personal and professional development while contributing their skills and time to various projects.
In 2016, I set up the MikroTik Boot Camp (MBC), a vocational training program, in cooperation with Foundation University.