Hi folks,

meet #GetaFIX; the #CarrierNeutral #InternetExchange in #Luzon! It's backed by world-class support and offers all the amenities you'd expect of a standardized #IXP such as geo-redundant #BGP #RouteServers, a #LookingGlass implementation, an #AS112 blackhole service, free #PrivateVLANs for your #BilateralPeerings as well as a web based #CustomerPortal and a public #PeeringMatrix!

GetaFIX: Internet Exchange Points (Luzon)

All plans come at a #FixedPrice and internet exchange points are available in the following data centers;

List of content providers (CDNs) already available:

  • Facebook Cache
  • Akamai Cache

List of content providers to be available soon:

  • Google Global Cache
  • Cloudflare
  • Netflix, Fastly, Limelight
  • CacheFly, Swarmify, Stackpath

Additional features that are planned involve the integration of E & D Root DNS Zone Servers as well as M-Lab pod access.

GetaFIX T-Shirt!

If you're interested in peering with GetaFIX feel free to use the contact form on the website. If you're unsure whether GetaFIX is for you fee free to shoot me an email :-)